Nitro Cold Brew Maker

Best Whip

  • $99.00


Are you craving the velvety creamy texture and long-lasting foamy head with the spectacular cascading effect of Nitro coffee?

You can make it with ease at home now. Just fill, shake, and dispense! All you need is this dispenser and a 2-gram N2 charger (purchase here).

You can experiment with other kinds of beverages like tea, juice or cocktails, not just coffee. It is a convenient and compact alternative to large nitrogen tanks, no heavy equipment needed.

The container is made of reinforced, brushed, high quality stainless steel to handle the high pressure. You get professional grade quality.

The unit is designed for cold applications and to to be used with Best Whip N2 chargers only.



Ingredients and Equipment:

500 ml (1 pint) drink (iced tea, cold brew coffee etc.)

Barista Pro nitro dipsenser

1 N2 nitrogen charger

Measuring cup


1. Measure 500 ml COLD drink and pour into nitro dispenser.

2. Secure lid tightly to dispenser, ensure nitro tip is screwed on to head valve.

3. Insert one N2 charger in charger holder and screw it on head of dispenser until you hear a hiss as gas starts to be released.

4. DO NOT REMOVE CHARGER HOLDER. The holder regulates the dispensing of gas into the unit.

5. Shake dispenser well so that nitrogen yields with tea, allow 1 minute to set.

6. When dispensing drink, hold the unit at an angle, press lever and aim the pour at the side of your glass for best results.

Preparations can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 1 week thanks to the air-tight system.

Before unscrewing the top, release all residual gas and liquid.

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