Wedding Tea

Wedding Tea is as an elegant blend for such a momentous event.  It features Mutan White tea with lemon-vanilla to taste, with a touch of pink rosebuds and petals. 

 As it is based upon Mutan White, there are the silvery green tips and forest green leaves. Sometimes the leaves are cut so they can be used in sachets. There are pink rose petals.

The liquor is a darkish yellow-green, especially when the leaf size has been reduced.

People love the mixture of vegetal flavors from the tea, and the marriage of the sweet creaminess of vanilla with the citrus notes from lemons. It has a good body for a white tea, very fulfilling.

The blend of a light white and vanilla and lemon flavors all combine to create a very special tea.

The loose tea (available in 1 lb bag or 2 oz tin) or bag of 50 tea sachets is ideal for serving a large number of guests at parties and receptions. 

It is a caffeinated tea.

Suggested brewing temperature is 175 F

and brewing time about 3 minutes.


White tea, rose petals with natural vanilla and lemon flavors.

Wedding tea tagalongs - Harney - personalized

Wedding Tagalongs

We offer Wedding Tea Tagalongs in two options. Each version contains five tea sachets in a silver tin.

Each sachet brews a 12 oz cup of tea.

 You may purchase them with the standard Wedding Tea tin design, or choose Wedding Tea Personalized Tagalongs featuring the couple's names. 

 These make a lovely wedding reception favor or special gift. 

Allow 4 weeks processing on top of shipping time for all Wedding Tea Personalized Tagalongs. The tins will come as shown in this photo, with the script font as shown.

We carry a whole line of tagalongs to satisfy any taste or color preferences.

All tagalongs sold by multiples of 20 (by cases of 20 pcs each).










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