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N2 Nitrogen Chargers, 10 pcs

Best Whip

  • $13.95

2 gram Compressed Nitrogen Chargers (1 pack of 10 pcs)

- These nonrefillable Nitrogen chargers are designed for use with Barista Pro Nitro Dispenser. The chargers consist of pure, food-grade nitrogen (N2). Every charger can be used to prepare up to 1 pint (500 ml) beverage.

- Pure nitrogen is flavorless and produces significantly smaller bubbles, which creates rich, flavorful beverage with a creamy texture and a thick, velvety foam head.

- The chargers are made of durable, high-quality steel, fully recyclable after use.

- These N2 cartridges do not make whipped cream or carbonated beverages.

- These Best Whip chargers are designed to be used only with the Barista Pro dispenser. They cannot operate whippers or soda siphons. Nitrogen chargers from other manufacturers will not operate the Barista Pro dispenser.

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