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YUNNAN BLACK Organic Sachets

Silk Road Teas

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Often described as the "mocha of tea", organically-grown buds and leaves offer a malty aroma, a slightly peppery, smooth taste and a mouth-filling, sweet finish.

This classic black has long been enjoyed as a breakfast tea and it goes very well with food and will be enjoyed as a refreshing cup most anytime. It chills to a tasty iced tea as well.

The leaves have been minimally milled to preserve the natural flavors and bring a richer, deeper flavor to the cup and to afford you multiple steeps.


Ingredients Organic black tea
Aroma Malty aroma
Flavors Slightly peppery, smooth taste and mouth-filling, sweet finish
Caffeine levels Caffeinated (medium)
Brewing temperature 195-205 F
Brewing time 3 minutes
Certification USDA Organic

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