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On clearance - near or past its best by date. Harney and Sons tea does not have an expiration date. They do put lot numbers on their tea for production and also suggested “best by dates.” They recommend the product be consumed within two years of that date, simply to ensure the best flavor.

The rich flavors of Thailand are the inspiration for this tasty blend. It is a combination of green tea, lemongrass, vanilla, coconut and ginger. Formerly known as Bangkok tea, very popular green tea offered by Harney & Sons.

Do you like coconut? When you serve this tea iced, the coconut really stands out, much more so than as a cup of hot tea.

The flavors found in many Thai dishes are  blended into the green tea: ginger for spice, lemongrass for some citrus flavors, and coconut for creaminess.

Each iced tea pouch brews 2 quarts.


Ingredients Organic green teas, organic shredded coconut, organic lemongrass, organic vanilla, organic ginger and organic coconut flavors.
Aroma The aroma of this tea is a tropical mélange, including ginger and vanilla.
Flavors Mixture of coconut, lemongrass, ginger, and vanilla flavors.
Caffeine levels Caffeinated
Brewing temperature 175 F
Brewing time 3 minutes
Certifications USDA Organic, Kosher

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