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From China, we bring you Organic Bancha green tea. It is made in the Japanese fashion of steam fixing. Light and clean tasting.

It is amazing what difference a few weeks make. Banchas are made of large, tougher leaves. As the season wears on, the chemical composition of the leaves changes. By the time the Bancha harvest begins the smoother-tasting polyphenols in the leaves have been replaced by harsher ones, and the leaves have lost amino acids that create sweetness and body. Bancha yields a grassier, lighter-bodied tea. Being an organic tea only accentuates the lightness.

Tins available by case only (6 tins per case).

Ingredients Organic green tea
Aroma Bancha is grown in the summer, so it is a lively and grassy tea.
Flavors Lighter vegetal flavors of grass, celery, and wet wood.
Caffeine levels Caffeinated
Brewing temperature 160 F
Brewing time 1 to 2 minutes
Certification USDA Organic
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