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An ancient and much loved tea from China, large leaves are dried over smoky pine fires. The tea develops a distinctive smoky flavor.

Lapsangs comes from The Wuyi Mountains (WuyiShan) in the northeastern part of Fujian Province. This was where black teas were first developed (called Bohea.) In the steeply forested mountains wood was plentiful, so it came naturally to smoke tea like bacon. The leaves were slowly withered to create a complex tea, then the leaves were slowly dried in rooms with a smoky fire below.

Tins available by case only (6 tins per case).

Ingredients Black tea
Aroma A heady mixture of pine and hardwood smoke, fruit, and spice.
Flavors Pine smoke and bacon with some dark stone fruit.
Caffeine levels Caffeinated
Brewing temperature 212 F
Brewing time 4 to 5 minutes
Certification Kosher, Halal
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