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This Korakundah FOP is nice, mellow and smooth, with low astringency, a good everyday tea. Sourced from the highest tea region in the Nilgiri region of southern India.

We are pleased to note that this tea is made with Organic leaves is Fair Trade.

Korakundah is a large estate in Southern India in the Nilgiri tea region. They have been socially responsible for almost 20 years. They produce organic tea, Fair Trade Tea, and even Rain Forest Alliance Tea. They are associated with Chamraj Estate.

The FOP means Flowery Orange Pekoe, referring to the larger size of the leaf. When the tea is made, it rolled between two large metal plates. Some the leaves retain the large size and some are crushed. The FOP are those leaves that retain the larger size.

The larger leaf makes for a mellow tea, so it tends to be towards the lighter side for a black tea.

Ingredients Black tea
Aroma Light and subtle citrus notes.
Flavors Light notes of citrus.
Caffeine levels Caffeinated
Brewing temperature 212 F
Brewing time 5 minutes
Certification Kosher


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